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Air Padre Kite Repair Services You can ship us your damaged kite to get it fixed.

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Testimonials of Air Padre Kiteboarding

"I have taken mostly ski lessons and I have cousins who are ski instructors in Vermont and Colorado. Air Padre provides very mature, polished instructors who are incredibly safety conscious. The safety tips were very important to me and recognizing unsafe situations, even the subtle ones, are good to know. The equipment is in great shape and has enhanced the learning. I have told several people in McAllen and they may be coming your way!"

Many thx,
Richard Moore

"I just finished a week in SPI and had a great time working with the Air Padre Kiteboarding staff. What a great place to learn this sport." -CC

"..just have to thank Air Padre Kiteboarding for the hospitality and great deal on the hammersurf board. Even when I wanted to exchange the board I originally tried, it was no problem. Thanks" -Mandy

"I had a great time in SPI. I took four or five lessons with Air Padre Kiteboarding and the lessons encompassed not only learning how to kite, but the safety aspects as well as technique. SPI is a great place to learn and Air Padre is a first-rate instruction center. Can't wait to start kiting on the ice and lake when it thaws here in NH." -Jeff M

"Just got back from Kiteboarding Lessons in South Padre. Would recommend Air Padre Kiteboarding to anyone starting off or expanding there skills! 2nd set of lessons, (1st were at Hood river in Portland) The instructors are very patient but push you to step it up and get out there and do it! Thanks Air Padre!" -Amanda

"I just recently left SPI after spending four days there to improve my kiteboarding skills. Believe me that when you fly 1,500 miles by yourself to do this, pay for airfare (not to mention the $80 each way for your DaKine Board Coffin), rental car and lodging, knowing that you only have four days in SPI, you are grateful that Air Padre has spent the extra money to make sure that they can provide as big a "window of opportunity" as possible to allow you to get out on the water and improve your board skills." -Bill

"I had a couple of GREAT lessons with Air Padre Kiteboarding. Absolutely first-rate instructors at undoubtedly one of the best places to learn kiteboarding in the country (the expanse of the Laguna Madre at SPI is awesome!). My instructor reinforced what I needed to do to get up and ride, and with some practice back home, it finally clicked! Walking upwind at a certain point doesn't seem to accomplish much, and when you're struggling with water starts or starting to ride, Air Padre's boat support is exactly what you need. The instructors also teach an excellent self-rescue technique (a must to know), and gives great tips on managing your own equipment (whatever brand it may be). I highly recommend lessons with Air Padre Kiteboarding - you owe it to yourself." -Scott

"My husband and I came to SPI so that I could finally learn to ride. SPI offered a shallow, warm environment for me to do that and Air Padre offered the expertise to get me up and on the board. I took a group lesson with Brett and through some unforeseen technical difficulties with the other student, I didn't get much instruction time and didn't feel I had learned much. Jeff and Air Padre offer a high level of customer service though and he made sure I got a private lesson with Brett at a reduced cost. Brett worked with me until I stood up and rode, I even have video to prove it! Thanks Air Padre for helping me accomplish my goal." - Michelle Vancouver, BC

"Kiteboarding travel tip for South Padre Island, Texas, rent from Air Padre Kiteboarding instead of flying or shipping big boards/surf boards. If you can't do without your favorite surf, or large board when traveling by air, be prepared to pay the price and risk the possibility of incurring damage or loss as a consequence of shipping, by ground or air. As an alternative, sign up with Air Padre Kiteboarding and for about $100.00 a week and you can try as many boards as you like. Air Padre has a large, modern variety of boards ranging from skim boards and twin tips to directionals and even paddle boards. It's a good deal, and great opportunities to try new boards, styles of riding, as well as develop new skills. During my last trip to South Padre Island in the fall of 2009, I tried several surfboards, a mako, a big door board, skim board, and even a paddleboard, and had tons of fun and learned a lot of new skills in the surf and on light wind days. Speaking from personal experience, Air Padre Kiteboarding's friendly crew will take good care of you. So go and try something new."

A happy customer,
Laurel from Montana

"IF PERFECT works for you. this is the place."

South Padre Island, Texas:

  • South Padre is the Mecca of Kite Boarding
  • Consistent winds
  • Million+ acres of shallow bay water
  • Waist to chest depth
  • Calm surface
  • Wide, sandy beaches
  • Warm water
  • Qualified Instruction

Air Padre Kiteboarding:

  • Qualified (sport is still developing, thus standards are as well)
  • Conscientious (Safety first and foremost - this can be a dangerous sport)
  • Encouraging (past life tutoring profession certainly contributes)
  • Genuinely enjoyable to be around (when one follows their bliss, it shows)

Prior experience:

  • Trainer kite, 2-meter foil (served mainly to get me dreaming about lifting off)
  • Trainer kite is a big advantage before spending time and money in the water. Order it. You'll also use it to convince your friends to join you next time.
  • Encouraging (past life tutoring profession certainly contributes)
  • Genuinely enjoyable to be around (when one follows their bliss, it shows)

Air Padre Experience:

Lesson 1

  • Learned kite functionality, operation, and safety
  • Body dragged (the power was awesome, it pulled me out of the water on many occasion)
  • Re launched the kite numerous times

Lesson 2

  • Improved kite skills to control movements in the water
  • Learned to fly blind while maneuvering the board on to my feet
  • Worked the power zone to attempt water launch on board
  • Practiced balance while water launching
  • Kept water launching, but was unable to stay up and balanced, and would fall immediately (This can be a bit frustrating as there are many things to coordinate simultaneously, however, persist, it will come. As the instructor said, "It ain't sledding!")

Lesson 3

First Half
  • Became more proficient with the kite and maneuvering the board onto my feet.
  • Consistently found the power zone for water launch, but struggled with the balance of getting up and riding. Basically a continuation of the end of the last lesson.
Second Half
  • Got up and Rode 50 meters!
  • then 100 meters
  • then a poor launch, and fall
  • then a 200 meter run
  • and another 200 meter run

"I've since come back for more, and have noticed significant improvement in terms of length of runs (one mile range) and maneuvering, although I still can't get up and go right! But with the benefit of a patient and super cool instructor there to guide and encourage, I'm sure I'll get it soon. This is the sport, the location, and the outfit for me. If you're reading this, you've come this far. Make a choice, make a commitment, and make your pilgrimage. It's absolutely thrilling!" - Paul M

"Hi everyone, I just got back to San Antonio from South Padre Island. I've always been into acrobatic/stunt kiting as a hobby, thus why I decided to vacation in SPI. When I got down there I went looking for a bigger kite. I owned a 6 foot acrobatic/stunt two string kite and was interested in getting into a 8 to 12 foot foil kite. After talking to some locals I came across Air Padre Kiteboarding. He was recommended by B & S Kites ( which is the only place I've ever purchased kites from since I started kiting as a hobby. I wasn't necessarily looking for a kiteboarding lesson because my vacation was on an extremely tight budget. I wanted to just buy a large kite and go fly on the beach. After talking with the instructor, I decided on a lesson instead of buying a kite due to their concern for my safety. I was a little disappointed that I wasn't going to get a kite, but the shop offered me a killer package deal that included an AWESOME used 2002 model kite and a lesson, I couldn't refuse. I was quite relieved because after talking to some of the locals in the shops, I was getting quickly discouraged. I started off the lesson with an slightly remedial introduction into kite anatomy. The instructor explained the wind window to me in great detail. The wind window was a completely new concept for me even though I was an experienced kite hobbyist. Next they helped me launch a 6 foot foil trainer kite. The kite was extremely easy due to my past kiting experience. Little did I know that I was going to get too do some landboarding within the first 30 minutes of my lesson. In the first 30 minutes I was zigzagging across the sand flats where the lessons are given. This new found ability alone was worth the cost of the lesson and I was completely satisfied with the lesson, but it didn't stop there. The next step was to pull out the 22 foot wide inflatable kite. This part of the lesson was very safety intense which calmed my nerves a bit as this kite was extremely intimidating at first. The instructor was extremely patient with me, and had me practice carrying the kite in a safe position, setting the kite into both left and right launch positions, and perform quick tests to see if the kite was in the appropriate position for launch. The next step was to practice launching the kite and keep it in a 1/11 o'clock neutral positions using only my left or right hand. I found the kite to be extremely simple to control using the control bar. After this we did some one handed body dragging, and finally some two handed body dragging. During the body dragging the instructor communicated with me via a helmet radio. This was a great help especially when the kite came down in the water. I was able to re launch the kite my first try. Unfortunately I wasn't the first person to get up on a board during my first lesson, due to time constraints. Prior, During, and after the training the instructor was awesome. I never once felt intimidated or slow. The instructor was extremely patient, enthusiastic about my success, and professional. Even after the training the instructor stuck around to discuss any and all questions I had, even after my time expired. During the lesson my fiance and her sister setup a canopy, some chairs, and sipped on some fine Mexican beer and cheered me on. I've been thinking about taking a kite boarding lesson for a long time, but I didn't come to SPI expecting to take one. This lesson made my entire vacation one of the most awesome experiences of my life. I want to personally thank Air Padre and let everyone know that I tipped the instructor on top of the fee for the lesson. Thank you Air Padre Kiteboarding for helping make me successful in something that I've wanted to try for so long." - Forrest, 2003


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