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Air Padre Kite Repair Services You can ship us your damaged kite to get it fixed.

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Air Padre Instructors and Team

Current Kiteboarding instructors and employees

Jeff Hoxtell - Air Padre Kiteboarding Master Kitesurfing Instructor


  • Age: 34
  • Certification: PASA Level 3 and IKO Level II
  • Origin: South Dakota
  • Resides: South Padre Island
  • Background: Mono hull, Hobie-Cat and Small Yacht Racing, Windsurfing
  • Languages: English, Spanish

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Paul Sheetz Kite Surfing in Puerto Rico


  • Age: 26
  • Certification: IKO level II
  • Origin: South Florida
  • Resides: South Padre Island, Texas
  • Background: Skateboarding, snowboarding, wake boarding, skim boarding, surfing
  • Languages: English and Spanish
  • Position: Art & Marketing Director
  • Kites: Slingshot, Wainman Hawaii
  • Board: Slotstik Skimboard

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Petra Kanz Kiteboarding Instructor


  • Certifications: PASA level III, US-Sailing instructor and IT, BIG, USCG Merchant Mariner Credential 000073847
  • Origin: Salzburg, Austria
  • Resides: Somers Point, NJ; SPI, TX
  • background: Windsurfing, SUP, Yoga
  • Languages: English, German

Originally from Salzburg, Austria, Petra gave up a career in Music and Art to teach watersports. Having done so for the last 19 years (including working for ABK Board Sports and a number of shops on the East Coast) she is still focusing on getting women involved and into the liquid element. Having added Stand Up Paddle boarding and Yoga to her repertoire has helped with that goal.

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Joel Parker Kiteboarding Instructor

Joel Parker

  • Certifications:
  • Origin:
  • Resides: South Padre Island, TX
  • background:
  • Languages:

Bill Gehring Kiteboard Instructor


  • Age: 70 years by calendar, but he thinks he's still 35
  • Certification: : IKO Level II Senior
  • Origin: Chicago, IL
  • Resides: Peoria, IL and Laguna Vista, TX
  • Background: Just about every sport
  • Racing: Windsurfing speed sailor
  • Languages: English
  • Nickname: E-5, (baseball players will know what position Bill played)

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Monte Cantu Kiteboarding in south Padre Island, queen isabella memorial bridge


  • Age: 39
  • Certification: Kite repair, Welding, Safe Technician, Locksmith, A/C Refrigeration, General Contractor, Electronic Entry Systems, CCTV
  • Origin: Harlingen
  • Resides: South Padre Island
  • background: Skateboarding, Canal Surfing, Surfing, Skurf boarding(yes before wakeboarding), disc golfing
  • Languages: English, Spanish

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Air Padre Past Kiteboarding Instructors

Brett Newcomb Air Padre Kiteboard Instructor


  • Age: 29
  • Certification: PASA Level 1
  • Origin: Harvard, Mass
  • Resides: South Padre Island
  • Background: Windsurfing, and being shady
  • Languages: English, Spanish (mas o menos)

Marc Newcomb Kiteboarder


  • Age: 25
  • Certification: scientist
  • Origin: Harvard, Mass
  • Resides: In my van
  • background: Snowboarding
  • Languages: English

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Ben Jemmin Woodcock Kiteboard instructor


  • Age: 30
  • Certification: IKO Instructor Level 1
  • Origin: Utah
  • Resides: SPI, Jackson Hole, and Hood River
  • Background: Back country Snowmobile Guide, expert snowboarder, Mountaineering
  • Languages: English

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Johnny Rodz surfing on south padre island, Isla Blanca park


  • Age: 25
  • Origin: Gulf Coast
  • Resides: Isla de Padre
  • Background: Everything Extreme, Surfing, Skateboarding, Rock Climbing
  • Languages: Surf lingo, English, Español
  • Position: Surf Instructor
  • Surf Boards: 5'11 Fish, 6'0 Ratboy

Johnny Rodz. has been surfing for little over a decade. As a grommet Johnny surfed from South Padre Island, Texas. All the way down the Mexican Pacific Coast. He spent most of his time at a world-class break in Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca Mexico "Mexican Pipeline". After paying some dues breaking some boards, Johnny moved to Austin, Texas. In Austin he united with his cousin Boo Boo and began to rock climb later becoming a rock-climbing instructor at Pure Austin Gym. So blah, blah, blah, yada, yada. He's back in Isla de Padre on the attack, slashing any water he can get his dirty little feet on. If your in S. Padre go with Air Padre and learn how to surf with Johnny.

Erik Stone Kite Boarding Instructor


  • Age: 25
  • Certification: PASA Level 3 and IKO Level 2
  • Origin: Mpls, MN
  • Background: Landboarding
  • Languages: English

Erik has taught kiteboarding for more than 2,000 hours to more than 400 people. Erik is certified as a kiteboarding coach and instructor from three different certifying, teaching entities, IKO(International Kiteboarding Organization), PASA(Professional Air Sport Association), and REAL(Real Kiteboarding).

T.J. Gulizia Kiteboarding instructor


  • Age: 30
  • Certification: PASA
  • Origin: Mommy
  • Resides: Hood River, OR
  • Background: Expert whitewater kayaking/guide (ACA Certified whitewater instructor since 1994), snowboarding
  • Languages: English, Spanish, Aramaic

T. J.'s passion for wind & water began when he moved to the Columbia River Gorge in 2001. Having instructed white water kayaking for 7 years in Colorado, his focus soon changed when he first witnessed kiteboarding the Hood River, Oregon in 2002. "I got a job w/ a kiteboarding company that year, and 2 years later obtained my PASA certification. I love teaching, and kiteboarding truly pays off when you share the stoke in your student's experience." Currently teaching on South Padre Island in the Fall/Spring, La Ventana Baja, Mexico in the winter, and the Gorge in the Summer, T. J.'s love for teaching fuels his passion for kiteboarding.

Mich Sanders - Air Padre Kiteboarding Instructor from Portland, Oregon

Micah Sanders

  • Age: 30 something
  • Origin:
  • Resides: Portland, Oregon
  • Background: ?
  • Languages: ?

Brian Enano Thull Kiteboarding instructor

Brian "Enano" Thull

  • Age: 23
  • Origin: North Woods, raised by pack of wolves
  • Resides: SPI and North Woods
  • Background: Picnics and chain saws, what else can you do in the woods?
  • Languages: It is rumored that Brian can speak to the animals

Bryan Cannon Kiteboard instructor and APK Team


  • Age: 35
  • Certification: IKO Instructor Level 1
  • Origin: Colorado
  • Resides: SPI and Roatan, Honduras
  • Background: Expert Whitewater Kayaker / Guide, Water ski/wakeboarding, snowboarding/ telemark skiing
    Currently: Opening Kiteboarding school in Roatan, Honduras
  • Languages: English

Scott Rogers APK Team rider


  • Age: ...old enough to know better
  • Certification: PASA
  • Origin: Born in Oregon. Webbed feet, good for water sports.
  • Resides: Rio Grande Valley, Deep South Texas "It's like a whole other country."
  • Languages: English, Spanish (mas o menos)

Background: When Scott was a younger man he set out for adventures in far away lands including Fiji, New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Burma (Myanmar), Nepal, UAE, Germany, France, Hungary, Belgium, and United Kingdom. He went rap jumping, cave rafting, scuba diving, hitch hiking, glacier climbing, among other things in NZ. He drove Australia coast to coast in a car and learned to surf, drink beer, and scuba dive the great barrier reef. He experienced the exotic wonders of the Indonesian islands of Bali, Lombok, Surabaya, Sumbawa, Kimodo, Sulawesi, Java, Flores, and Timor. He also traveled the Malaysian Peninsula into Thailand with stops along the way including the island of Ko-Pa-Ngan in the Gulf of Thailand to experience one of the fabled "full moon parties". More adventures awaited Scott in Burma where he was actually accosted by a band of traveling transvestites entertaining the inhabitants of a small town in the middle of the country where travel by foreigners was discouraged by the government at the time. Ask him about it sometime, 100% true story. Many and varied interests including all the usual outdoor activities: hunting, fishing, scuba diving, boating, water skiing, snow skiing, surfing, wind surfing, hiking, biking, mowing the lawn, and of course kiteboarding. Other interests include raising two children, keeping the wife of 15 years happy, and enjoying life as much as possible, with permission from the boss.

Teran Hughes Air Padre Kiteboarding


  • Certification: PASA
  • Origin: Minneapolis, MN
  • Resides: South Padre Island
  • Background: Expert Windsurfer / Instructor, Certified Personal Trainer
  • Languages: English

Teran owns Island Fitness right across the street from Air Padre Kiteboarding. He has been teaching kiteboarding and windsurfing for years. If you get a chance to see him ride you'll know why he's on the team. As one of the best riders on the island, his smooth style is inspiring.

Rob Kniech Air Padre Kiteboarding


  • Age: 39 and staying
  • Origins: Lambeau Field
  • Background: Classified
  • Languages: Tex-Mex, Canuck

Super Rob has been riding since the beginning. He is retro-core all the way. He rides a pulley bar, not the kind you get with a bow kite. We are talking the old school flavor. Anyone who has tried a classic pulley bar can understand the difficulty involved with no chicken loop. If you ever have the pleasure of meeting Rob or seeing him ride you'll understand why has is on the team.

Will Gross air padre kite boarding team


  • Age: 19
  • Nickname: Sherpa
  • Certification: KSA - Kite Schleppers Assoc. of Indo-China-Burma
  • Origin: Dallas, TX
  • Resides: SPI, Dallas, Savannah
  • Strengths: Snowboarding, Surfing, Wakeboarding, Harmonica
  • Weaknesses: Sweeping the shop
  • Languages: English


----- IKO and PASA Certified Instructors -----
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