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South Padre Adventures and Activities

Fun Water Activities to Do on South padre Island, texas

Kayak Rentals


Rent kayaks to see the marine wildlife of South Padre. Singles, doubles, triples, fishing, glass-bottom, and surf kayaks.

SUP Rentals

Stand up paddleboarding

Rent SUPs - Try the oversized surfboards that you stand up on and propel with a paddle.

Group Kiteboarding Lesson


Take kiteboard lessons to learn how to kiteboard on South Padre - Intro through advanced lessons.

Surfing Lesson


Take surfing lessons to learn how to paddle, balance, standup, and surf on the best waves in the Gulf of Mexico

Sea Turtle Inc.

Sea Turtle Inc.

Check out the Sea Turtles at Sea Turtle Inc. to see the live Kemps Ridley Sea Turtles from our Gulf.

Dolphin Watch on South Padre Island

Dolphin Watch

Watch dolphins from the large bay boats in the Laguna Madre - guaranteed to see all the local friendly dolphin faces.

Sunset Cruise on South Padre Island

Sunset Cruises

See the sunset over the Laguna Madre Bay on the breathtaking sunset cruises and dinner cruises daily on SPI.

Schlitterbahn Waterpark

Schlitterbahn Waterpark

Enjoy the waterpark at Schlitterbahn for fun on water slides, lazy rivers, and the boogie bahn wave pool.

Bay Fishing on South Padre Island

Bay Fishing

Go bay fishing to catch some amazing fish with family and friends - Redfish, Speckled Trout, Flounder, and more!

Deep Sea Fishing on South Padre Island

Deep Sea Fishing

Go deep sea fishing to reel in some incredible game fish such as Wahoo, Marlin, Sharks, Grouper and others in the Gulf.

Scuba Diving on South Padre Island

Scuba Diving

Experience scuba diving to see the underwater marine life adventures the offshore shipwrecks have to offer.

Sailing on South Padre Island


Enjoy sailing on the Gulf or Laguna Madre on amazing wind driven sailing vessels - no gasoline necessary.

Kite Landboard Lesson

Kite Landboarding

Take a kite landboard lesson to become proficient at kite flying and land boarding in combination on wide-open sand flats.

Knee Boarding on South Padre Island


Go kneeboarding behind our numerous wake and ski boats for fast paced hydro fun.

Fun Land Activities to Do on South Padre Island, Texas

Beach Weddings on South Padre Island

Beach Weddings

Get Married on the soft-sand beaches of South Padre Island for an experience of a lifetime.

SPI Biriding Center

SPI Birding Center

Watch for exotic birds at the SPI Birding Center and Nature Walk on the north end of the island.

Camping on  South Padre Island


Go camping at night on the beaches, county parks, or KOA campgrounds.

Dune Buggies on South Padre Island

Dune Buggies

Rent dune buggies on the coast of South Padre island for some high speed sandy excitement

Go Carts on South Padre Island

Go Carts

Go carts are a fun way to zoom around a track with friends on South Padre Island

Horseback Riding on South Padre Island

Horseback Riding

Ride horses on the beaches of South Padre Island to see the scenery while riding a loving creature.

Minature Golf

Miniature Golf

Try miniature golf with your family or friends in the evening for some healthy sporting competition.



Experience the nightlife South Padre Island has to offer. Multiple night clubs and bars are open late.

Descriptions of Water Activities on South Padre Island, Texas

Kayaking Rentals on South Padre Island

Kayak Rentals and Lessons

Kayak rentals on South Padre Island are great water sport activities that the whole family can enjoy! Glass bottom, tandem, fishing, triple, and surf kayaks are available to rent daily with access from right next to Air Padre's kayak rental boat dock. No prior experience needed, just sit back, relax, and cruise the bay. All equipment needed, such as life jackets, paddles, and kayaks are included in the rental.

Kiteboarding Lessons on South Padre Island

Kiteboarding and Kitesurfing Lessons

Kiteboarding lessons are the best way to try out kiteboarding on South Padre Island if you have no previous experience. This adventurous sport provides thrills that water sports enthusiasts seek. You may have seen kiteboarders in the Laguna Madre or the Gulf of Mexico cruising around on surfboards behind their large steerable, colorful kites. The best place to learn is from Air Padre Kiteboarding, which has all the equipment available, full boat support, radio helmets, and qualified instructors. Call them at 956-299-9463 to make a reservation.

Kite Landboarding Lessons South Padre

Kite Landboarding Lessons

Kite landboarding lessons is a version of kiteboarding on the sand flats of South Padre Island. On the lessons - which are shorter than regular kiteboard lessons, and can accompany younger children - the student learns first how to fly a kite properly to produce power safely. Once they have become proficient at maneuvering the kite, the offroad skateboard is introduced. Using the kite in combination with the skateboard to sail around the Convention Center Sand Flats can be great fun for kids of all ages!

Wakeboarding Lessons

Wakeboarding Lessons and Rentals

Wakeboarding Lessons are available on the Laguna Madre Bay only. Air Padre is the only place on the island to learn how to wake board or rent time on ski boats. Laguna Madre Bay is a perfect place to learn how to wake board due to its flat water and shallow depths. We can accompany beginner through advanced riders on one of our several ski boats, and all equipment is provided. Life jackets, wake board, ski rope, and waterproof radio helmets will get you up and riding alongside your best pals.

Schlitterbahn Waterpark

Schlitterbahn Waterpark

Schlitterbahn Waterpark is a great time for large and small groups on SPI. Water rides, lazy rivers, standing waves, and rafting tubing adventures are strung all throughout out the park - located right next to the beach. The expansive kids' area is one of the best attributes of the waterpark. Furthermore, there is a lazy river that accesses all of the water park's tube rides, including the wave pool. The park is only open during the summer months, so make sure to call ahead to check their hours and rates.

Sea Turtle Inc

Sea Turtle Inc.

Sea Turtle Inc. is a Kemps Ridley Sea Turtle rehabilitation center that is free to the public. Donations are accepted to aid in the rescue and proliferation of the endangered sea turtles found naturally on South Padre Island. Sea Turtle Inc. is a beloved establishment and one of the top tourist spots to visit (according to TripAdvisor). Large saltwater tanks house many living, yet injured sea turtles. There is a great deal of educational material in the turtle center that will keep you occupied for a portion of the afternoon. Stop by to come face-to-face with our beloved sea turtles and learn about their species and exciting story!

Dolphin Watches South Padre Island

Dolphin Watch Boat Tours

Dolphin watch cruises and sunset dolphin watch cruises are one of the most interesting and fun ways to see marine wildlife in their natural habitat on South Padre. The boat drivers are very good at getting tourists up close and personal with large pods of dolphins on the bayside or close to the jetties. The dolphin watch boats regularly see our local favorite dolphins, who all have names given to them for their respective personalities. Book an afternoon or sunset trip to say hello to the dolphins of the sea.

Sunset Cruises South Padre Island

Sunset Cruises

Sunset cruises and dinner sunset cruises draw in some of the most magnificent views that South Padre Island has to offer. Our sunsets on SPI are nothing short of magnificent on a daily basis, and what better way to see the colorful landscapes then by boat on the Laguna Madre Bay. Catamarans and other vessels take out tourists on nightly expeditions to see the sunset over the bay. Remember to bring your camera so you can capture the amazing views S. Padre has to offer.

Bay Fishing South Padre Island

Bay Fishing in the Laguna Madre

If you want to catch some of the largest Redfish, Speckled Trout, Black Drums, and other great shallow water fish, then book a trip on one of South Padre's many private charter bay fishing trips. Everyday, the captains of these boats are out on the water finding some of the best fishing grounds in America. Proven time and time again, these boats come back loaded with trophy size fish whether it be from fly fishing, drift fishing, or sand flats angling. Because of the Laguna Madre's shallow water depths and healthy sea grass bottom, the 1,000,000 acres of salt-water estuary produces phenomenal fishing grounds and breeding habitats for all sea life. So grab your fishing poles, and fishing licenses, and head to South Texas to capitalize on the fruitful bay fishing.

Deep Sea Fishing South Padre Island

Deep Sea Fishing in the Gulf of Mexico

Deep Sea fishing off the coast of South Texas and South Padre Island is where the magic happens. Sharks, Tuna, Wahoo, Marlin, Grouper, and other big game fish populate the coastal waters just miles from shore. Several deep-sea fishing charter boats regularly head out to the blue water fishing grounds in quest of catching world-class fish. Charters are usually half-day or full-day adventures and can accompany several people to each boat. Pricing is usually higher than bay fishing, but then again the fish are generally worth it. Sea Ranch Marina at the south end of the island, south of the Queen Isabella bridge, is where you'll find most of the offshore fishing charter boats docked.

SUP South Padre Island

Stand Up Paddle board (SUPs)

Stand up paddle boarding, commonly referred to as SUP, is taking the waterways by storm. Racing, surfing, or just cruising has become a favorite pastime for many water sports enthusiasts on their SUPs. Popular establishments such as SUP ATX, Naish, Slingshot, and other major brands have progressed the sport to new heights. South Padre island is a phenomenal location to learn how to and progress in stand up paddle boarding. On one side of the island we have pristine flat water expanses best for slowly learning at your own pace. You can cruise by town or up through the birding estuaries. Warm waters and temperate temperatures allow for year-round practice. Alternatively, the Gulf of Mexico offers up some fantastic wind swell, perfect for honing your wave riding skills. Air Padre offers SUP lessons and SUP board rentals daily from 9am to 5pm on the north end of the island with direct waterfront access.

Sailing South Padre Island

Sailing on South Padre Island

Sailing used to be a widespread activity normally found on South Padre Island. Today, not as many sailboats are common in the bayside or ocean side. However, there are still a few sailboat establishments are residing on the island. Latitude 26° is a popular catamaran sailboat that heads out on daily trips as well as evening excursions. Check them out at the south end of the island near the nightlife district if you want to go for a relaxing sail.

Scuba Diving South Padre Island

Scuba Diving and Snorkeling

Scuba diving off of the coast of South Padre Island delivers up world-class snorkeling and diving conditions. Off of the coast there are several sunken military and commercial vessels that produce amazing reefs and tropical fish habitats. Additionally, offshore oil drilling and out of service oil drilling platforms are perfect spots for the local dive boats to travel to. Situated a few miles from shore, these amazing underwater marine sanctuaries are easy to get to and hard to leave. Book a trip with any one of the number of diving vessels located at the marinas here on SPI.

Knee boarding South Padre Island

Knee Boarding

Kneeboarding can be done in the Laguna Madre Bay as well. Air Padre will use the same ski boats they have for wake boarding, only now you will attach yourself to a knee board. Knee boarding can be fun and exciting for all ages. Stop by the shop to inquire.

Waterskiing South Padre Island


Water skiing - very similar to wake boarding and knee boarding - on is a fantastic water sport for family and friends. The thrill of riding around on two skis behind a wake boat is something that you will remember from summer vacation for the rest of your life.

Surfing South Padre Island

Surfing Lessons and Rentals

South Padre Island has the best waves and surf in the entire Gulf of Mexico. With annual surf contests and competitions held locally at Andy Bouie County Park at the south end of the island. Surfing lessons and surfboard rentals are both available at many places on South Padre. The water is usually warm and the skies are clear, especially during summer. Take advantage of the easy conditions we have here to learn how to surf or polish your skills.

Descriptions of Land Activities on South Padre Island

Scuba Diving South Padre Island

Beach Weddings

South Padre Island is a popular place for couples to hold their beach wedding ceremonies. The awesome sunset and sunrise views on the sandy beaches make for a perfect wedding destination. Summertime is a popular time of the year for people to travel to the island and friends to hold their special occasion. If you are looking for somewhere with a nice beach atmosphere to hold your ceremony then look no farther than South Padre. The island is equipped with ample wedding resources such as hotels on the beach, local photographers, and catering services.

Scuba Diving South Padre Island

Birding Center and Nature Walk

The Birding Center and Nature Walk, located at the north and the island just past Sea Turtle Inc., offers up incredible nature and wildlife views on a consistent basis. The island is a major migratory route for numerous indigenous birds to the Americas. Often, these exotic birds stop along the south Texas Gulf Coast to eat and rest. The Birding Center and accompanying nature walk provide phenomenal lookouts over these natural aviaries. Secluded and quiet, the wooden walkways wind off throughout the marshlands next to the Laguna Madre Bay. Along the route, there are many informational signs and rest areas to view the wildlife.

Scuba Diving South Padre Island

Night Life

Nightlife on South Padre Island is full of clubs, bars, and live music at different locations. Louie's Backyard, Laguna Bob's, Isla Grande, and many other nightlife establishments offer up a great atmosphere. Nightly specials on beers, cocktails, and other mixed drinks make for an active nightlife scene when people are done hanging out on the beach. The evening life on the island is seasonal, and you'll find most people out on weekends during the summer months as well as throughout Spring Break in March. Wintertime can be quite slow for evening activities however.

Scuba Diving South Padre Island

Horseback Riding On The Beach

One popular activity is horseback riding on the beaches of South Padre Island. The equestrian center north of the city houses a large quantity of well-trained horses. These kind animals are great with children and adults alike. Take off on a guided horseback beach adventure tour to find the the peaceful areas outside of town. Large groups of riders alongside with certified horseback tour guides will show you parts of to the island you've never seen before! For more information, check out Horses on the Beach located here on the island.

Scuba Diving South Padre Island

Go Carts

Go carts is a fast and exciting way to spend afternoon. Get behind the wheel of these maneuverable carts and race your friends on the tracks to see who has the best driving ability. There are age limits as well as height regulations, but otherwise the carts can accompany large groups of friends and family. Stop by one of the numerous go-cart tracks at the south side of Padre Island near the entertainment district to enjoy these fast paced rides.

Scuba Diving South Padre Island

Dune buggies

Dune buggies can be ridden at many different areas throughout the island. You can rent these dune buggies and from a few different rental businesses; however, there are rules about not riding the dune buggies over or through the actual protected dunes. So be careful, wear a helmet, and have fun!

Scuba Diving South Padre Island

Miniature Golf

Miniature golf courses here on the island can offer up great family time. Grab your putter, your brightly colored golf balls, and hit the links. Test your skills against friends and family to determine the course champion of the day.

Scuba Diving South Padre Island


If you are on a budget, or just enjoy the outdoors, then camping on South Padre Island is a great way to enjoy our island's natural splendor. The island has numerous camping grounds including two County Parks, the KOA campground, and the entire beach-side north of the city. The rent is cheap and the scenery is delightful when camping on our natural beaches. Grabbed a tent, some sleeping bags, and a few great friends to head out to the camping grounds.

More Information about South Padre Island, Texas:

Activities on South Padre Island

Activities and Events

Find things to do on South Padre Island - wide range of activities, events, and adventures for family and friends.

Lodging on South Padre

Lodging South Padre

Search availabe accomodations on South Padre Island - condos, beach houses, hotels, and other lodging resources.

Restaurants on South Padre

Restaurants and Dining

Places to eat on South Padre Island - list of local restaurants, grilles, and other food establishments.

Nightlife on South Padre

Bars and Nightlife

Where to go out in the evening to find happening nightlife at various bars and clubs.

Transportation on South Padre

Local Transportation

How to get to SPI by plane, car, and other ways of traveling - closest airports and highways to get you on the island.

Travel to South Padre

Travel to South Padre

Local S. Padre transportation inlcudes a free bus transportation system, cheap taxis, and other great public transportation.

Where to Kiteboard on SPI

Where to Kite on SPI

Find new places to kite and where the popular spots are located for adventure watersports on South Padre Island.

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