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Kitesurfing Lessons (in the Gulf of Mexico)

One-on-One Wave Riding Lesson - $175/hour

Take Kitesurfing Lessons on South Padre

Although terms "kitesurfing" and "kiteboarding" generally refer to the same sport, we use the term kitesurfing to refer to riding in surf. If you can stay upwind, carve toe-side, do slide transitions, easily retrieve your board, re-launch your kite, and self rescue then you are qualified to get out on the Gulf of Mexico side and have your first wave riding experience. Kitesurfing lessons start at $175.00/ hour, and are conducted in private lesson format.

Kitesurfing Gear

In the surf, most people tend to use gear that is specific to kitesurfing. Kitesurfing kites made for the waves are generally faster turning, quick and easy to relaunch, depower well, and float downwind easily. These qualities all have their time and place while kitesurfing in the waves. Surfboards are also generally used because the shape of the board is meant to be ridden in heavy surf, and performs the best.

Description of Kitesurfing Lesson

We will start off with a brief discussion on special kite and board techniques for getting out through the white water to the outside while you and your instructor each set up a kite. This is followed by a quick demonstration of these techniques. We will then practice body dragging with the board out through the breakers. This technique is very useful when there are swimmers in the area and will allow you to distance yourself from them before trying the water start.

The techniques we will continue to work through will be plowing through the shore break by bringing the kite high, flatting out the board and popping a wheelie by weighting the back of the board and lifting on the front. We will then work on load and pop over larger breakers and continue on with sending the kite and jumping over the bigger waves. Depending on the timing of your approach to a wave you may choose to hit it as a ramp, plow through or you may not want to try to mess with it at all. Just as the larger waves start to peel they are often too steep to plow through or use as a ramp. Hit one of these babies and the impact on knees, ankles and the entire body can be significant. These are the the ones we will learn to identify by shape and jump over or do a snap turn and head back in to avoid the impact zone.

Learn How to Kitesurf

After you get familiarized with the techniques and have successfully done a few rides the instructor will self launch and you will start playing follow the leader and doing YOUR FIRST DOWNWINDER IN THE SURF!!!!!! YIPPIE!! For many riders wave riding has been the ultimate goal ever since flying the trainer kite. The feeling of self satisfaction after your first wave session is incredible. Don't be surprised if you already start to feel like a flat water snob, not nearly as excited to meet up with the guys for flat water riding as you used to be. How long until you're smackin' the lip, or front rolling' off a liquid kicker? Who knows, at least you've taken the first step and heading down the right path.

Required Deposit and Lesson Cancellation Policy

A lesson may be cancelled or rescheduled up to five (5) days before the scheduled lesson time for a full refund. If a client cancels a lesson within five (5) days of the time scheduled for the lesson, the client will be charged a $75 rescheduling fee, and the remaining balance will be placed on a future booking which will be valid for one (1) year from the date of the cancelled lesson. If your lesson is cancelled by Air Padre Kitbeboarding, your lesson or camp will be rescheduled to the next available lesson or camp time or you will receive a rain check equivalent to the value of the lesson booked. We do not issue refunds. No-shows are clients who do not cancel within 24hrs and/or who miss their scheduled lesson for any reason. No-shows will be subject to a 100% cancellation fee and shall not be entitled to any refund. If you fail to show up on time for your scheduled lesson, the amount of time you are late will be deducted from the total lesson time. Air Padre Kiteboarding does NOT issue refunds for time remaining from prepaid lessons or camps unless cancelled by the Instructor.

More kitesurfing wave photos

giving lessons on how to kitesurf waves Strapless kite surfing in warm waves and water strapped kitesurfing in South Padre Island, Texas unhooked kitesurfing in the ocean surfing with a kite

Other Available Watersport Lessons we offer:

Group Kiteboarding Lesson

Group Kiteboarding Lessons

Starting at $125/ person

Take group kiteboard lessons to learn how to kiteboard safely - intro through advanced.

Private Kiteboarding Lesson

Private Kiteboarding Lessons

Starting at $175/ person

Book private kiteboard lessons for one-on-one instruction with full boat support - intro through advanced.

Surfing Lesson

Surfing Lessons

Starting at $50/ person

Take surfing lessons to learn how to paddle, balance, standup, and surf on the best waves in the Gulf of Mexico

Kite Buggy Lesson

Kite Buggy Lessons

Starting at $99/ person

Take a Kite Buggy lesson to become proficient at kite flying and buggying on wide-open sand flats and then later on in the dunes of South Padre.

Kite Landboard Lesson

Kite Landboarding Lessons

Starting at $99/ person

Take a kite landboard lesson to become proficient at kite flying and land boarding in combination on wide-open sand flats.

SUP Lesson

Stand Up Paddleboarding Lessons

Starting at $50/ person

Schedule a SUP lesson to learn the basics of stand up paddle boarding in the Laguna Madre Bay.

Kitesurfing Lesson

Kitesurfing Lessons

Starting at $175/ hour

Take a kitesurfing lesson to advance in your wave riding, transitioning, and powered kite maneuvers in the ocean.

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