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Summer Kite Repair Savings You can ship us your damaged kite to get it fixed.

May 3rd 2015 Swap Meet Buy, Sell, Trade Kiteboarding and other Used Equipment on May 3rd

November 15th 2014 Swap Meet Buy, Sell, Trade Kiteboarding and other Used Equipment on November 15th

April 26th 2014 Swap Meet Buy, Sell, Trade Kiteboarding and other Used Equipment April 26th

November 16th 2013 Swap Meet Buy, Sell, Trade Kiteboarding and other Used Equipment Nov. 16th

Air Padre Core Kites Demo Join the Air Padre team as Core shows off thier gear at the Core Kites Demo

Air Padre Kite Repair Services You can ship us your damaged kite to get it fixed.

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Custom Kiteboarding CAMPs

12 hour Custom Kiteboarding Camps - $1099

Monte throwing a kiteboarding backroll in advanced kite lessons

Advance your kite boarding skills

Custom Kiteboarding Camps are 12 hours long spread between Monday thru Thursday of any given week you select. Camps are not scheduled friday, saturday or sunday. Camps are great for friends or family to contiune your kiteboarding education. Camps can easily be scheduled from groups ranging from 2-4 persons via our website. If  your group is larger than 4 persons  please call in to schedule your Custom Kiteboarding Camp.(956)-299-9463.

Air Padre Intermediate Riding Camp is intended for kiters that are confident in their ability to ride at a beginner level (in others words, they can go out, have a good time, and come back to where they started in most conditions). Now you want a chance to try new things in a fun environment with other riders while under the supervision and expert instruction of our professional coaches. With radio helmets and boat support we will explore the possibilities of kiteboarding, including powerful carving turns, jumping, toe-side riding, smooth direction changes and more, all while moving downwind as a group through some of the best riding terrain in the world.

Air Padre ADVANCED CAMP is for intermediate riders who are confident riding in all wind conditions, can send jumps at will, and would like to add more advanced maneuvers to their bag of tricks. The advanced kiteboarding camp costs $1099 for 12 hours of instruction.

Each day, the students will meet at Air Padre Kiteboarding at 9:00am for a discussion of goals for the session, and a brief seminar from our coaches about techniques and strategies for achieving those goals, utilizing the best teaching advise and tools in the sport including instructional video review and riding simulation. Every  CAMP is unique in some way. Keep in mind that our coaches will be able to work individually with each student to concentrate on their needs and specific goals. All camps have no more than two (2) students to every instructor, and kite time is shared evenly between the 2 students throughout the 12 hour camp.

When, Where and What to Bring

Kiteboarding camps meets at Air Padre Kiteboarding at 9:00am. Camps are a long day of hard riding out on the water, so plan accordingly and bring water (maybe red bull), snacks, sun protection and towel.

$1099.00 $999.00 when booked online

Per Person

How Many in your Party:
Save money on Kiteboarding Lessons

APK  CAMPS are very open to accommodating individual students' personal riding goals, anything you want to work on we can help you with. With the assistance of radio helmets and boat support our pro coaches can talk you into and through whatever you want to learn next!

Required Deposit, Lesson Cancellation, and Other Policies

We require a full deposit towards any kiteboarding camps to reserve the date and time. If camp is canceled by Air Padre Kiteboarding because of weather, no wind or other reasons, and not successfully rescheduled, we will refund your deposit. If you can't make your scheduled camp date, please inform us one week in advance and we will be happy to offer a rain check or apply the deposit towards store credit.

If only one person is signed up for a camp, that person will get nine (9) total hours of private lessons instead of the normal twelve (12) hours of group lessons.(Beginner Kiteboarding camps ONLY)(Not available on Custom Camps)

Complete List of Available Kiteboarding Camps

Beginner Kiteboarding Camp

Beginner Kiteboarding Camp

12 hours - $999/ person

Book a Beginner Camp to learn how to kiteboard safely from the start - kite setup through first rides.

Intermediate Kiteboarding Camp

Intermediate Kiteboarding Camp

12 hours - $1099/ person

Book an intermediate Camp to take your riding skills to the next level - carving, jumping, toeside riding, and more!

Advanced Kiteboarding Camp

Advanced Kiteboarding Camp

12 hours - $1099/ person

Book an Advanced Camp to learn more technical kite and board maneuvers - become a smooth and powerful rider.

Custom Kiteboarding Camp

Custom Kiteboarding Camp

12 hours - $1099/ person

Schedule a Custom Camp to pick your own camp dates and riding levels to suit your busy schedule.

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