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Beginner Kiteboarding Camp

4 Day Beginner Camp on South Padre - $999 ($899 when booked online)

Kiteboarding instructor teaching student on the sand flats of south padre

12 hours of Kite instruction spread across 4 days - Learn how to kiteboard!

Air Padre's Beginner Kiteboarding Camp is for anyone who has seen someone kiteboarding and said, "I want to do that para-kite-surf-wind-sail-board-thing too!" Our professional instructors will teach you how to kiteboard, starting from the beginning. We will inform you about proper gear selection and setup, safe kite handling, launching and landing, all the way through getting up and riding, changing direction and more!

This is also a great camp for anyone that has taken a lesson in the past but is still a little unsure about how to handle big kites, and is looking to get a comprehensive understanding from the beginning. Beginner Kiteboarding Camps includes 12 hours of instruction spread across 4 days. All camps have no more than two (2) students to every instructor, and kite time is shared evenly between the 2 students throughout the 12 hour camp. Scroll down for available beginner camp dates.

Beginner kiteboarding camp Schedule

$999.00 $899.00 when booked online

Save money on Kiteboarding Lessons

Kiteboarding Camp Dates

Spring kiteboarding camps schedule coming soon.

Pick your own Custom Kiteboarding Camp dates that fit your schedule - *2 people minimum*

Lesson Outline

Day one of beginners kite boarding camp on sand flats of South Padre Island


The Air Padre Beginner Kiteboarding Camp checks in at 9:30am at Air Padre Kiteboarding to get geared up with radio helmets, kite harnesses, check weather conditions, and to meet our coaches. From there, students and instructors depart to our beginner lesson location - one of the premier places to learn to kiteboard in the world, with half-mile wide sand beaches and a million acres of waist-deep water. Day one is all about the fundamentals. From site selection, wind theory and kite setup to launching/flying a kite and beyond, you want to have a solid foundation of the basics from which to build upon. The better you can learn how to handle and steer the kite on day-one, the better it will set you up for the riding portion of the camp. Focused on safe and effective kite control, the instructors will have you progress through a series of exciting drills.

water start kite boarding session in beginner's camp in the Laguna Madre Bay


On the second day of the Beginner Kiteboarding Camp students will check into the shop by phone or in person at 9:30am to schedule the day's events. When the wind is sufficient, students and coaches will depart by boat to another premium shallow water destination where we will build on the kite fundamentals and start to integrate the board. More advanced kite flying and steering techniques, the water-start concept, body dragging, and board handling in combination with kite control will be covered in the safety of shallow water. Speedy learners will begin to use the kite to try to stand up on the board by the end of the second day, while others should expect to be perfecting their kite flying technique and control leading up to the water start.

kitesurfing beginners camps on the laguna madre bay


Day-three of Air Padre's Beginner Kiteboarding Camp is made for riding. Students will be coached according to their needs on the water. Our certified instructors will be able to help you continue your kiteboarding progression on your way to becoming safe and independent. More time will be spent becoming self-sufficient kiteboarders by having the students individually rig, launch, and fly the kites throughout the whole lesson time frame. Moving into the water, the boat support and radio helmets will keep you and the instructor in constant communication to give you more attempts at getting up and riding, going both ways, transitioning, or what ever level you have made it to thus far.

Remember: At any time during portions of a kiteboarding camp or lesson that take place in the water, students are free to hop in the boat to take a break, adjust equipment, watch their instructor demonstrate techniques from a great vantage point, or just watch their friends!

Beginner Camp Lesson Plan:

Fast learner additional lesson topics:

Most of our beginner kiteboard camp students get up and ride by the end of the camp, but not all. The fastest learners will have a chance to move ahead through some of the following skills.

Required Deposit, Lesson Cancellation, and Other Policies

We require a full deposit towards the kiteboarding camps to reserve the date and time. If camp is canceled by Air Padre Kiteboarding because of weather, no wind or other reasons, and not successfully rescheduled, we will refund your deposit. If you can't make your scheduled camp date, please inform us one week in advance and we will be happy to offer a rain check or apply the deposit towards store credit.

If only one person is signed up for a camp, that person will get nine (9) total hours of private lessons instead of the normal twelve (12) hours of group lessons.

Complete List of Available Kiteboarding Camps

Beginner Kiteboarding Camp

Beginner Kiteboarding Camp

12 hours - $999/ person

Book a Beginner Camp to learn how to kiteboard safely from the start - kite setup through first rides.

Intermediate Kiteboarding Camp

Intermediate Kiteboarding Camp

12 hours - $1099/ person

Book an intermediate Camp to take your riding skills to the next level - carving, jumping, toeside riding, and more!

Advanced Kiteboarding Camp

Advanced Kiteboarding Camp

12 hours - $1099/ person

Book an Advanced Camp to learn more technical kite and board maneuvers - become a smooth and powerful rider.

Custom Kiteboarding Camp

Custom Kiteboarding Camp

12 hours - $1099/ person

Schedule a Custom Camp to pick your own camp dates and riding levels to suit your busy schedule.

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