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2013 Best Kahoona Lightwind Kiteboarding Package - 40% OFF

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2013 Complete Package

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The complete kiteboarding package is perfect for those who need the all the kiteboarding gear in one convenient package

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Information about the Best Kiteboarding Package

The 2013 Best Kiteboarding Package is the best way to get started in the sport of kiteboarding. The package includes everything you need to get out on the water to begin your progression. All products included in the package are brand new and beginner friendly. If you don't know exactly what you need to begin kitesurfing, then check out this equipment package. No need to purchase anything more, this package includes it all!

Package Includes:

2013 Best Kahoona V5

Automatic relaunch, reliable downwind drift and rock solid stability make the Kahoona perfect for attacking any wave or any new trick. With easy handling, solid performance and day long comfort the Kahoona v5 is the ultimate freeride kite. For riders who like it 'old fashioned' it's also the only standard inflation kite in our line up.

With a reputation for surprising hang-time and great low end power it’s no wonder riders like you return to the Kahoona season after season. With more responsive handling, reduced bar pressure and best in class stability courtesy of revised canopy design and our Air-Aid materials, the v5 is our most obtainable Kahoona yet.

Control Bar and lines

Best Bar and Lines

Every molded part of the RP-Bar v3 has been re-engineered to help you push your riding further than ever before. The Pro-Cuff+ quick release surpasses current international testing standards and delivers simple, one handed safety activation. Even with flying line loads of 250kg the release pressure for the Pro- Cuff+ quick release never exceeds 5kg.

The innovative Sacrifice Insert System helps eliminate center line wear. Two low friction, replaceable, Delrin inserts line the center of the bar, helping to ensure you never have to replace another depower line. The Double-Depower Stopper lets you position your bar wherever you feel comfortable. It takes the strain from your arms so you can stay on the water for longer. The Redline Safety System gives you the option of left or right handed, single front line leashing and overrides the Dual Depower Stopper automatically.


Dakine Chameleon

The Dakine Chameleon waist harness suites a wide variety of people within the sport of kiteboarding. The Chameleon harness has a softer feel yet has great back support with the integrated pre-curved P.E.B. and ES foam support. The Dakine Chameleon Waist Harness is a simple and comfortable harness, which helps increase the learning curve.

Breeze Kiteboard (145 X 44cm / 158 X 45.5cm)

2013 Best Spark Plug

The Best Breeze light wind board has finally come of age. Our Torsion-X reinforcement provides the stiffness and feel that you need underfoot to keep a longer, wider board under control. The Step Rail design channels water flow under the board for maximum lift and reduced drag, so you and your Breeze riding friends will be planing away while other riders have to wait for more wind.

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