5 Reasons Why Kiteboarding is the Hottest Water Sport

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Whether you’re a long-time surfer, wake boarder or a complete newbie to the water sports world, there’s one sport that everyone has at least heard of… and that’s kiteboarding! In relatively recent years, the sport has seemingly taken the action water sports industry by storm and has become a real cultural phenomenon. Each year, kiteboarding continues to become more and more popular, and today there is an estimated 1.5 million kiters in the world! If you have yet to jump on the kiteboarding bandwagon, here are 5 reasons why you should.


1. It’s beginner-friendly

Ok, so you won’t instantly become a professional kiteboarder as soon as you hit the water, but the sport is surprisingly manageable and friendly for beginners. There are plenty of places that offer kiteboarding lessons in which you’ll learn the basics, as well as special tips, tricks and techniques geared toward beginners. And after a couple of lessons and a little practice, you’ll probably feel comfortable enough to head out on your own. Plus there are a ton of different styles of kiteboarding, so you’ll surely find one that you enjoy and that’s well-suited for you.


2.  Knowledge and technique over strength

Despite popular belief, kiteboarding definitely requires more knowledge and technique than strength. Sure, you’ll definitely need the stamina to recover from a wipeout or two and be able to control your kite, but overall, knowing what you’re doing is much more important in kiteboarding than brute strength alone. For this reason, women, children and those intimidated by rough, physically-demanding sports should definitely give it a try.


3. You can kiteboard year-round

Obviously if you live somewhere that never drops below 75 degrees and has fantastic wind and water conditions throughout the year, you can enjoy the sport regardless of the date on your calendar. But for those who live in more moderate climates, you can still practice year-round. If you’re able to do some traveling, you can (and should!) definitely look into the best kiteboarding spots around the world and start planning your kiteboarding adventures. But if it’s not in your budget, you can still enjoy the same high-flying thrills on snow during winter with “snowkiting,” which is a great way to maximize your practice time.


4. Endless equipment options

Whether you prefer a longboard or a shortboard, a smaller kite or a larger kite, there are endless configurations and personalization options available when it comes to your kiteboarding equipment. While this is fantastic for your budget and your personal preferences, it can be a bit overwhelming for someone who’s new to the sport. This is where taking classes or connecting with a kiteboarding club can be invaluable, so those with more experience can help point you in the right direction and help you find what will work best for you.


5. Fantastic workout for your mind and body

Last but not least, kiteboarding is a great opportunity to tune out the daily grind and focus your mind on nothing but the wind, waves and whitecaps. You’ll have to pay attention to changes in weather, wind direction and your route, allowing your mind to tap into the meditative qualities of a focused activity. Your figure, on the other hand, will definitely start to see some well-deserved changes, as kiteboarding has proven to be a fantastic workout! Plus the sport comes easier to those who stay active and fit, so if you decide to keep up with it, you’ll look as great as you feel up there as you’re flying high in the sky.

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RG 3.0 kite series – Progression

Since the Rabbit kites inception 6 years ago, the kites have always offered something unique and special to the Rabbit connoisseurs that has separated the product from any other in the industry; something that completely changed many riders kitesurfing experience and/or brought it to the next level of fun and performance!
During the rigorous design process of the new RG 3.0 kites and bar, it was our priority to continue development of this legendary product to achieve the same result as in the past – no matter if you are a seasoned Rabbit rider or a potential new one to the gang, when riding the RG 3.0 kites you will be ensured the best session of your life!!!
Upon completion of our final and intense R&D phase of this new series, we are extremely stoked and excited with the result. We are confident that our hard work and efforts have paid off and the result is another top-notch product from the Wainman Hawaii brand, which is about to take the market by storm!

RG 3.0 kite series – Specifications & Features

  • 7 proven and versatile sizes that overlap perfectly to meet the needs for virtually every wind condition and rider: 5m, 6.25m, 7.5m, 9m, 10.5m, 12m and 14.5m
  • All new graphical scheme: unique, exciting and a “head turner” as always. The “Rabbit” characters have been streamlined and “matured” from previous generations (1.0 and 2.0) to appeal to a wider audience and potential customer base.
  • Re-designed profiles and improved construction and durability of the kites
  • Improved flying characteristics providing enhanced hang-time, agility and aggressiveness while maintaining even better stability and power in the air
  • Reduced weight of the kites providing streamlined aerodynamics resulting in improved low end capabilities
  • Refined kite settings (“stock, upwind, downwind, single”) that covers the full spectrum of riding styles and provides the perfect blend of feel and performance for every riding style: from classic freeride to every day freestyle to incredible wave sessions!
  • Single point inflation system called RAF (Rabbit Air Flow): allows for fast inflate / deflate of the kite. This is a result of specifically designed air flow channels, as well as a multiply pump system, which provides an even distribution of air pressure in both leading edge and struts. NOTE: multiple point inflation RG 3.0 kites (same system as in 1.0 and 2.0 kites) will be available in the next production.

RG 3.0 Kites – updated DNA

Similar to the prior Rabbit kite series, each size has its own unique profile shape and designed individually in order to provide a similar feeling and maximize performance – this is the same for the RG 3.0 kites.
Listed below are the most important improvements and changes that each of the gang members have undergone:

  • Bunny – the smallest one in the range has always been very likeable, with almost no weakness. Therefore it only needed slightly lower bar pressure and improved lift and upwind capabilities;
  • Gypsy – one of the favorite and very respected members in the gang since day one, has received same functional changes as Bunny, making it a perfect tool for a solid wave session or strong wind TT’s “blast off” days;
  • Mr. Green – a newer member that joined the series in the 2.0 release, but rapidly gained popularity and respect. With a redesigned and different shape compared to his predecessor, the 3.0 Mr. G has much lower bar pressure and considerably improved lift and hang time. Combined with the new graphical scheme, it can be a “dark horse” in the whole RG 3.0 series;
  • Smoke – the most popular and probably the most preferred kite in the range: a perfect kite for many riders. Boasting improved upwind and lift performance, which, combined with the new and improved bar may make it solid contender in many “best kite” contests…
  • Punch – probably the best freestyle kite in the series, now has even better upwind and lift, which will undoubtedly make it an instant favorite for many riders
  • Boss – the most important and respected gang member, has undergone the most significant changes and improvements making him the potential “perfect” big kite. A huge wind range, excellent bar pressure, superb lift and hang time and great turning speed makes it almost a one kite quiver for a free ride, freestyle or wave session. Wait until you try it!!!
  • Big Mama – proven to be a great light wind kite for the bigger riders, she is now even better! After shedding some weight with a new construction, the wind range has improved with the same lift and upwind capabilities. She is now a perfect fit even for regular guys and girls who not want to ride in light breezes but actually perform all regular tricks or have a wave session.

RG 3.0 Bar – Specifications & Features

Continuing on the success of the innovative “Carrot Bar” kite control system, we focused on quality, material refinements and ease of use to provide riders the perfect fusion of safety, simplicity and superb “feel” in flight. Reducing and replacing both hard and heavy components with extra soft, durable and protective materials, have enabled us to offer one of the safest, robust, and ergonomic bars in the industry:

  • All new components/molds: bar shaft, centerpiece, chicken loop, quick release, buffer, bar-ends
  • Thinner bar shaft with new ergonomic comfortable grip provides supreme handling efficiency
  • New precision engineered metal center piece for an even better fit of the buffer into the bar shaft
  • New harness loop system as a result of it’s unique shape and construction providing abundant stiffness and ease of use when hooking in after riding unhooked
  • New Quick Release (QR) with additional side crimping eliminates hand slipping and provides better grip
  • Reduced size of QR and buffer has enabled a considerably shortened distance between harness loop end and bar shaft. This provides more comfortable steering, as well as easier reach of depower trim line
  • Increased durability of the depower main line section by double slicing the line and tightening the PU tube
  • Simple, though innovative, dingy guy that eliminates the risk of losing it, as well as allowing it to move it aside without taking it off – perfect for unhooked and hooked in riding
  • New (reduced sized) shaped bar ends provides better steering quality while using the appropriate density and hardness of the plastic to provide excellent but durable bending performance
  • New bar ends provide significant ease of use when winding up kite lines on the bar due to the deeper and additionally crimped bar-ends

RG 3.0 Kite Bag

At Wainman Hawaii we take pride in every detail and aspect of design to ensure the most comfortable, functional and quality products that’s separate us from the competition – the all new redesigned RG 3.0 kite bag is a testimony to our philosophy:

  • All new ergonomic design of the entire bag
  • Unique graphical scheme, colors and styling
  • Updated system of kite bag opening and kite storage
  • Lock-up pocket for the bar
  • Premium quality materials


Innovative. Exciting. Performance. Head Turning. Safe. Durable. Magical. Classic. – a few words that have been used by our team riders, test riders and the development team to describe the Rabbit Gang 3.0 series kites. It takes time to improve on a solid product that we are so passionate about, that we believe in. We have absolutely no doubt that you, and your customers, will be as enthused as we are with the improvements, performance, attention to detail and complete RG 3.0 package that separates us from any other competitors product in the kite industry today.

We are already experiencing an overwhelming demand for the RG 3.0 even before any information has been released. Pricing and sales conditions will be released shortly, but to avoid any delays in meeting your (customers) needs for the RG 3.0 we urge you to please contact us with your pre-orders quantities ASAP. This will enable us to keep up with production and avoid delays.


Prepare for Takeoff….


Wainman Hawaii International

Maui, Hawaii, USA

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The amazing, new 2014 Ozone C4 is now released! The C4 will be the go-to kite for any rider looking for freestyle perfection and a no-compromise design. Riders will love the explosive pop, fast turning, and responsiveness of the kite. The 2014 wing shape is designed to give more pop and decrease the heavy tow feeling when over-powered. New 6m and 14m sizes have been added to the lineup, replacing the 5m, 13m, and 15m sizes. Place your order now to reserve your kites from our incoming shipment.

The C4 also sports a variable bridle geometry, allowing a rider to quickly switch between freestyle and freeride settings. Shipping standard on the freestyle setting, the C4 will have heavier bar pressure with more pop, perfect for freestyle or wakestyle. Moving the bridle pigtail connections closer to the leading edge engages the freeride setting, offering lighter bar pressure and more depower for freeriding or wave riding.

For 2014, the C4 will again have a dedicated control system for all kite sizes: 45cm bar with 23m lines and 2m extensions, shorter depower throw, larger chickenloop for easy hooking in, unique logo floats, and the awesome new Megatron II push-away chickenloop.

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Slingshot and the Atlantic Kite Challenge

Slingshot to cross Atlantic

On November 20th six international kiteboarders will attempt the first ever Atlantic Ocean kite crossing. Their goal is to ride non-stop from René Egli, Fuertaventura (Canary Islands) and arrive at the Blue Haven Resort in the Turks and Caicos Islands (Caribbean). Each member of the team will be taking two-hour turns kitesurfing day and night, 24 hours a day to complete this 3,750 mile long journey in under three weeks. The “Enable Passion” Atlantic Crossing will be the longest ‘downwinder’ kite ride ever and will be supported by a 50-foot catamaran to ensure the riders safety and comfort.

“The idea for the Atlantic Kite Challenge came about from our passion for kitesurfing and business ventures. One day we felt inspired to combine the two,” explains one of the “Enable Passion” organizer’s Allard Janssen. “We wanted to find out whether something that initially looked so impossible could be achieved with the right motivation and dedication. The idea slowly took form and resulted in a team of committed people. All those involved are contributing in their own way to achieve this joint goal.”

Allard Janssen and his crew knew that not only did they have to train deliberately to build up the endurance required to pull off a challenge of this magnitude, having reliable equipment was vital to safely cross the Atlantic as well. In order to minimize any risk of gear failure they’ve chosen Slingshot as their kite brand of choice. This will enable the team to trust the performance and durability in everything they fly.

“Slingshot is known for making strong and reliable products. They also have a very wide range of kites and boards that are crucial for this crossing. We will have six riders that come from different backgrounds and riding styles, so for us to be able to kite 24 hours a day for up to three weeks we needed to make sure that each one of the riders had the right board and the right size kite for all conditions. Slingshot does not just enable us to cross – they will also make it fun doing it.” Says the “Enable Passion” organizer Filippo Humbar.

The “Enable Passion” Atlantic Crossing kite of choice is the Slingshot Rally. Here is what Mystic Founder and member of the “Enable Passion” Atlantic Crossing Max Blom Jr. has to say about the Rally. “I have been using the Rally kite for a few years now and I know that this kite design is perfect for a crossing like this. The Rally offers an amazing range and it’s very easy to use. The Rally is also extremely versatile and that’s essential for our crossing, especially if we will be riding twin-tips as well as surfboards.

Besides the products, I have been working with Slingshot for many years and they are the right group of people to have behind this project. They are extremely supportive and push the sport every day. This project is a new challenge which will give kiteboarding a new direction that Slingshot will be a part of.

For Kiteboards, the “Enable Passion” Atlantic Crossing team will be using the Slingshot Celeritas and Tyrant surfboards as well as the Misfit Twin-Tip. And, for days under 8 kts, they will be using the 17 meter Turbine kite.

The adventure starts in less than two weeks and the “Enable Passion” Atlantic Crossing is already in full preparation mode. For the last few weeks they have been training hard for the challenges they are about to face. We wish them safe travels and good luck.

For more information and updates on the epic Journey visit: http://enablepassion.com/
Follow them on Face Book at: https://www.facebook.com/EnablePassion

About “Enable Passion”
The Enable Passion foundation is a non-profit that strives to inspire people in realizing their passions by organizing and carrying out extraordinary and pioneering projects. Foundation “Enable Passion” launches its first project: the HTC Atlantic Kite Challenge.

About “Slingshot”
Over the last 13 years the Slingshot crew has dedicated endless time and effort, channeling their passion for watersports to people throughout the world. Established in 1999, Slingshot Sports LLC has worked diligently to establish a solid reputation in the kiteboarding, wakeboarding and standup paddleboarding market by manufacturing high-quality products, setting innovative construction and design standards, and dressing it all up with an image that is unique, edgy and young.

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SPI Condo Rentals

Florence I  description

Just steps to the beach, the Florence 1 complex is a laid back place to enjoy your vacation. The building is quiet with a gate coded pool area. We boast breathtaking gulf views from the pool area or from the condo. You literally could not be closer to the beach! Parking is free in either the 1st floor garage parking, in front, or a seperate lot across the street. We even have a seperate lot for boat parking.
Our recently updated condo comes a 40′ flat screen TV, DVD, cable & HBO. Free WIFI and local phone. Sleep soundly on the new king bed and all cotton luxury sheets. The bedroom has new furniture ans a 32′ TV. Soft towels and even beach towels are waiting for you in the spacious bathroom. The cozy kitchen is fully equipped to cook meals while you are there.
We even have beach chairs, an umbrella, boogie boards and a small cooler for you to use while you are our guest. Just bring your food and personal items and you will be all set.

Suitability: Pets Considered, Children Welcome, Non Smoking Only

1 Bedroom: 1 king bed, soft cotton sheets, ceiling fan, 32′ TV/DVD

1 Bathroom toilet, combination tub/shower

  • this room updated bathroom has granite countertop and lots of storage to put your things.

Kitchen & Dining

  • Kitchen:fully stocked for making whatever you want
  • Coffee Maker:filters are provided
  • Refrigerator:icemaker
  • Dining Area Seats:4


  • Television:39′ flat screen
  • Stereo
  • Satellite / Cable
  • Books
  • Games
  • DVD Player

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Condos For Kiteboarders On SPI

Seabreeze Beach Resort Condo Rental is a minimum 3 night vacation rental.

Services and Suitability

  • housekeeping is optional
  • pets considered(housekeeping charges a small cleaning fee for pets)
  • non-smoking only
  • children welcome and wheelchair accessible.

Bedrooms: 1 Bedrooms, Sleeps 4, Beds for 4, Bedroom 1, Luxury Tommy Bahama sheets, New king eurotop mattress, flat screen TV & DVD

Bathrooms: 1 Bathrooms toilet, combination tub/shower

Kitchen & Dining

  • Dining: table seats 4, 3 barstools highchairs available
  • Kitchen: well stocked for all your cooking needs
  • Refrigerator: large side by side with icemaker
  • Dining Area Seats: 7


  • Parking: seperate lot for boat parking, extra vehicles parking is free
  • Towels Provided: towels and beachtowels
  • Living Room seats 8: New sofa sleeper
  • Washing Machine: in the condo
  • Clothes Dryer: in the condo
  • Air Conditioning: Fans

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New 2014 Compstick Bar

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2013 Ozone C4 Product Spotlight

C4: Get hooked on unhooking

Looking for a kite that excels at unhooked freestyle and kite-loops? Ozone’s C4 is the perfect answer. The C4 gives you more classic C-kite explosive pop, without sacrificing depower or easy relaunch. The shape of the wing also allows the kite to pivot on its wingtips and generate more power while turning compared to other kites.
For 2013, the wing shape and aspect ratio were redesigned to enhance the flying characteristics and feel. Each size across the range is perfectly tuned so the C4 feels consistent whether you are riding a 5m or 15m. The C4 also turns faster and sits deeper in the window than in previous years.
The C4 also sports a variable bridle geometry that allows the rider to quickly switch between freestyle and freeride settings
    New School Bridle Setting – Pigtail knot furthest from leading edge 

  • Heavier bar pressure
  • Direct feel
  • Powerful pop perfect for freestyle and wakestyle
    Free Ride Bridle Setting – Pigtail knot closest to leading edge 

  • Lighter bar pressure
  • Increased depower
  • Perfect for free riding and also in the waves


Ozone C4 – Progressive Newschool & Freeride

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Kite Repair

As many of you know we have been repairing kites here at Air Padre for many years now. We can fix minor and major bladder problems as well as sewing all shapes and sizes of canopy, leading edge and strut damage. If you have us repair your kite we guaranty all sewing work for the life of the kite so you can rest assured we take the time to do the repair right with the highest quality materials. Our turn around time on this is usually 1-2 days so you can count on getting you gear back quickly so you can get back out on the water.

We hope that you will think of us when you have kites issues at home. You can ship us your damaged kite to get it fixed. If you email us pictures of the damage we can get you an estimate, email to gears@airpadre.com. When it is time to ship please complete and print the online form and include it with you kite. You can get to the online form here:

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